About Sadvidya

Sadvidya Institutions, now grown into an evergreen, sturdy tree, germinated as Sadvidya Pathashala way back in the year 1854 to impart English / Sanskrit Education. Sadvidya Short Movie

The heritage building that it is housed in was gifted by the philanthropist Sri Gunja Narasimhaiah. A branch , then, sprouted - Sadvidya Anglo-Sanskrit Pathashala, a broad-minded, far-sighted vision patronised by the erstwhile royal scion of Mysuru, His Highness Chamaraja Wodeyar, to impart both Oriental and Occidental blend of culturally-rich and scientifically-enquiring education. Swami Vivekananda hallowed the institution when he visited it in 1892, delivering lectures everyday on the need to disseminate seeds of knowledge and to muster the youth-strength for nation-building.

When the Sadvidya Institution celebrated its centenary year in 1972, the then Governor of Karnataka, His Excellency Mohanlal Sukhadia graced the occasion. In 1973, another sturdy branch, The Sadvidya High School, began its growth to commemorate the centenary celebration of the institution. Today, it has become the benchmark for conscientious education with a competitive-edge! The Institution grew its roots even deeper by celebrating its 150th year in 2004-05. Late Sri Pramod Mahajan and Justice Rama Jois were the dignitaries at the valedictory function.

Sadvidya Composite Pre-University College was established in 1999. In 2007, Sadvidya Semi-Residential Pre-University College took its birth in Vijayanagar II stage to reach out even to out-of-city students. Every attempt is made to impart quality education to all. The college also provides afternoon meals and an extensive bus-service. Another floral branch, The Sadvidya High School, Vijayanagar II Stage, has been started for classes IX and X initially to groom students to face the challenges of Pre-University Education, in the year 2017.

Today Sadvidya Institution has grown into a colossal, holistic, academic legacy! Thanks to the tireless, innovative, forever-ready-to adapt and introspect perspective of countless men and women academicians and professionals, the institute, today, personifies diligent, trust-worthy, fruit-bearing grand, hardwood tree for disseminating pertinent education. Countless rank-holders and state and national toppers in competitive examinations; professional achievers; sportsmen and women and acknowledged- artistes stand testimony to the tireless, out-of-box, innovative teaching methodologies and strategies adopted by the teaching fraternity. Ably supported and conceptually-fortified by the Management, The Sadvidya Institutions has become an esteemed Social Institution.

This institution ranks first in academic excellence and achievements, especially in the X and II Pre-University public examinations and in competitive entrance examinations such as C.E.T; N.E.E.T; A.I.M.P; I.I.T.JEE; I EEE ; CLAT, SAT and such others.

The Sadvidya Institution abides by its Sat+Vidya philosophy to impart holistic education. This philosophy -

The Sadvidya Institution abides by its Sat+Vidya philosophy to impart holistic education. This philosophy -

  • Shapes the personality by exposing students to curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Spurs them to become scientifically-enquiring, rational and reasoning beings.
  • Stirs their soul and heart with opportunities for creative expressions.
  • Sheds the inhibitions and gawky self-consciousness by recognizing their distinctness.
  • Synchronizes their perspective with that of global entities to mould them into Global Citizens.


The Sadvidya - Panorama!

  • Centrally- located in the city of Mysore, Sadvidya Institution, is easily accessed by road and rail, making commutation easy and affordable.
  • Heritage-enriched as it is housed in the original building gifted by the altruistic Sri Gunja Narasimhaiah . The privilege of being one among the chosen ones has transmuted into a sense of immense academic responsibility.
  • Democratizing-force that it is, it follows strict rules of discipline that makes it egalitarian and non-partisan. Pan-community students study, pray, play and laugh easily 'under one roof'!
  • Discipline-credo of the institution insists that all students wear uniform and their ID cards; that they attend classes regularly and if they fail to meet the board-specified, mandatory 75% attendance, they shall not be allowed to appear for their Final Examinations; that students should not carry mobile phones nor indulge in ragging or bullying.
  • SMS-Savvy Sadvidya quickly, promptly and effectively ensures a smooth communication between parent/guardians and the college via bulk-SMS which updates students' performance in examinations and tests. Attendance shortage data is also conveyed to the parent/guardian every month.
  • Parent-Teacher interface is a crucial link between the students' performance; teachers' concern and the parents' expectations. Two such PTM s (Parent-Teacher Meetings) are organized in an academic year , after a series of tests and examinations, which invariably make the students conscientious and the parents watchful and equal partners in a student's welfare.