About Sadvidya Semi-Residential PU College

Sadvidya Semi-Residential Pre-University College, a coveted Institution to study; an alma mater to be proud about!

The Founding Principal, Prof. M.S.K. Narahari Babu and the Current Secretary of The Sadvidya Educational Institutions, nurtured and enriched the fledgling institution so that it could grow strong and soar academically into that competitive and challenging cosmos called Lifetime-Education! A post-graduate from the prestigious Loyola College, Chennai, Prof.M.S.K.Narahari Babu came to be perceived as an amiable teacher, a disciplined administrator and a humane counselor to students and staff. He prayed, practiced Yoga with students and teachers becoming a role model to all. That strong team-building efforts have, today, fructified into structuring the Vision into an eminent and imposing institution, recognized and trusted to deliver the best education - honestly, diligently and with empathy Just as a caring parent does !

Dr. M.T.Govinde Gowda, the esteemed Principal and team leader, has endowed SSRPUC with a discipline - in both academics and morale, by his ever-present, conscientious, efficient administrative skills. A team of dedicated teachers lend a willing hand in chiseling batch-after-batch of adolescent-students into academically-responsible, confident achievers, empowered to secure admissions to prestigious professional colleges.

The Highlights:

  • A faculty which believes in giving personal, focused academic attention to students.
  • The Time-Table also includes regular Remedial Coaching to students who need them. Regular tests are given to assess the efficacy of these classes.
  • A mandatory Weekly Test in a subject-a-week is administered every Monday so that both the I and II PUC students study the syllabus in small, achievable-chunks. The test papers are evaluated and the marks scored is SMS-communicated to guardians/parents, punctually.
  • Regular CET/NEET coaching is given to students by the most efficient subject experts. Mock tests are conducted periodically. Answer keys to home assignments and the question papers enable the students to assess the difficulty levels of these examinations along with their own ability to face them.
  • Two Parent-Teacher-Meetings are organized for the parents to view their wards' academic performance and interact with all the concerned teachers and the management. These Meets lend transparency and student-teacher accountability to a wonderful onus called Education!
  • Moral-sculpting is as significant as academic-restructuring. A regular morning prayer and meditation session is held in the spacious Prayer Hall, the absence to which is viewed seriously. This session undoubtedly calms and energizes the intellect and spirit of all - the staff and students for a fruitful beginning of a day.
  • A well-designed and amply-equipped library provides a delightful reading experience to students with periodicals, textbooks, reference books and books for light-reading.
  • Spacious, well-lit laboratories, with adequate equipment and ready-to teach teachers and assistants, strengthen the understanding of a theoretical, text book concept efficiently.
  • Digital teaching equipment make 3-D learning appealing and easy in the Audio-Visual Theater.
  • Spacious, well-lit, amply-ventilated classrooms with comfortable seating arrangements make learning a pleasant experience.
  • A Competitive-Creative facet is provided to one's personality by exposing students to vigorous sports events and delightful creative competitions.
  • Hygienic, healthy, tasty afternoon meals are served to all the students and the staff in a clean, stainless-steel dining tables-equipped, spacious dining hall, reasserting the tenet that a full-tummy makes a child hungry for knowledge! It is also a blessing to students who hail from satellite towns and cities.
  • A team of efficient, cautious, caring bus drivers drive students to and fro from their localities in well-maintained, spacious fleet of buses.
  • A verdant, cool, colorful, naturally- fragrant ambiance is lent by well-manicured, lovingly maintained gardens all around and by a lawn within the quadrangle.
  • An accommodative auditorium, equipped with the best sound-and-light system provides the apt support for any creative or academic expression and exposure.
  • A High-School segment, comprising, presently, of class IX and X, gear the students to face the responsibility of pre-university education.

We believe that a teacher is first a parent to any student!

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