About Sadvidya Composite PU College

Sadvidya Composite Pre-University College, a coveted Institution to study; an alma mater to be proud about!

Sadvidya Composite PU College is an enviable, prestigious, acknowledged educational Institution in the District. Housed in a centrally-located, Heritage Building; visited by luminaries such as Swami Vivekananda and others; guided and tended by brilliant academic, enterprising, ambitious minds, the Institution enjoys a stature and significance not easily-matched!

SCPUC began its academic service in the year 1999 empowered by the guidance of Prof.K.V. Arkanath, the then Secretary. Shri Mohan, was the Interim-Principal. He was the then Headmaster of The Sadvidya High School. His stewardship had steered the school towards an un trodden path of academic experimentation and dynamic, competitive teaching methodologies which catapulted the school to an idealistic, emulating-worth academic performance.

SCPUC's reins were then taken over by Prof.Lakshmi Narayan Shastry, another dedicated, brilliant visionary who went on to become its Founding Principal. He laid an unshakeable academic edifice to the college with his luminous experience as retired professor of Physics, The Sharada Vilas College. An enthusiastic, young team of love-to-reach teachers, guided by seasoned literati constituted of eminent professors such as Prof.Dikshith, Dr.B.R Subramaniam, Prof.M.S.K Narahari Babu, Prof.G.S Shivashankar, Prof.G.K Venkataramaiah and others, the college stands testimony to what a team of dedicated teachers, a supportive Management and academically-inquisitive, competitive students can do with combined efforts - achieve top ranks in State Government conducted Public Examinations; score the highest marks in competitive examinations conducted both by the state and the centre such as CET/COMED K, NEET, AI EEE, IIT JEE, AIMPT,CLAT and such others.

Sri.D.S Narasimhamurthy is the present Principal. His simplicity; transparent-administrative skills have won the hearts and trust of his team. He has won the respect of his students by his straightforward approach towards them. His wide teaching and administrative experience has made the college win laurels year-after-competitive year!

The Highlights:

  • A highly-acclaimed team of teachers who have honed brilliant rank-holders and achievers.
  • Centrally-located, easily-accessed and housed in a Heritage-Building, there is an unparalleled academic aura every student covets to experience.
  • Well-equipped laboratories; efficient teachers and ever-ready-to assist non-teaching faculty make experimentation an enriching learning experience.
  • The library is a repository of knowledge, information and competitive learning experience.
  • The creative, brain-teasing competitions hosted by the college exposes the students to excellent expression of art, science and the craft of brilliant thinking!
  • Regular CET/NEET coaching in the regular class hours by the most competent teachers in their subject has borne fruit by securing top ranks in these examinations.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in sports competitions, in order to enliven their heart, soul and body.

There is nothing like Performance to justify Promises made!

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