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Prof. M S K Narahari Babu

The Secretary

The Sadvidya Educational Institutions, believes in perseverance. He believes that visions are set to be achieved. Never the one to concede to challenges and obstructions, he believes that institutions are built to chisel personalities, luminaries and humane souls - out of raw, adaptive, uninitiated child-adolescent youth! His enthusiasm and fierce dynamism undauntedly trudges the unbeaten paths - often to the chagrin of the happy-with-the routine ones. Prescribed syllabus and exam-oriented coaching, he admits are significant in promoting a student to the next academic phase. But, he persists that egging a student to excel in competitive exams like C.E.T. and N.E.E.T. are pivotal in making a student an asset to the country; its economy and to its development! Uncompromisingly simple and transparent, this erudite, soft-spoken, perfection-obsessed person will definitely take The Sadvidya Institutions miles ahead. A toast to his iconoclastic persona!

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